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INQA-Coaching - the funding program for your projects!

We are authorized INQA Coach. Take advantage of the funding opportunities offered by the INQA-Coaching for your projects.

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INQA-Coaching is a funding program of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in collaboration with the European Union.

IIt actively and financially supports Small and Medium-sized Enterprises based in Germany in the future-proof design of their organization, influenced by changes in work, values, digitization, and decarbonization. If your planned project revolves around one of the six action areas listed below, it may be eligible for funding. Up to 80% of the consulting costs of the actively supporting INQA Coach can be subsidized.

We are authorized to conduct INQA Coaching as an INQA Coach and would be happy to provide you with free information about your individual funding options.

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    • New Business Models and Innovation Strategies – Examples: Expansion of Online Offerings, Booking Portals, Dropship Models, etc.

    • Production Model and Work Organization – Examples: Digitization of Transport Management and Shipping Systems, Utilization of 3D Techniques in Warehousing, etc.

    • Human Resources Policy, Employment, and Qualification – Examples: Development of E-Learning Tools, Adjustment of Qualification Concepts to the Digital Transformation, etc.

    • Social Relationships and Culture – Examples: Change Management, Digital and User-Friendly Tools for Employee Engagement, etc.

    • Leadership, Professional Development, and Career – Examples: Solutions for mobile leadership, transitioning to more agile organizational methods, etc.

    • Future Workplace, Working Time and Performance Policy – Examples: remote work, modern office concepts, etc.


INQA-Coaching: Eligible Companies

    • Legal form: legally independent, belongs to the liberal professions, or is non-profit

    • Registered office and workplace: located in Germany

    • Number of employees: at least 1 full-time social security-insured employee in the last year and a total of less than 250 employees (measured in annual work units)

    • Revenue: Annual revenue less than 50 million euros or annual balance sheet total less than 43 million euros
    • Founding year: The company has been in existence for at least 2 years or, in the case of a change in legal form, the founding occurred more than 5 years ago (for check issuance)

INQA-Coaching: Ein Programm für die digitale Zukunft – – Initiative Neue Qualität der Arbeit

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